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Our sponsors bring global, cutting-edge solutions to the forefront of conversations on sustainable building. With their backing, we will ensure that all people have equal access to healthy spaces both indoors and outdoors and that those spaces are sustained in harmony with environmental principles.

Platinum sponsors

Cushing Terrell

Twin Cities Forum
& USGBC Live (DC)


Boston Forum


Gold sponsor

Xcel Energy

Twin Cities Forum

Silver sponsor

Anderson Windows & Doors

Twin Cities Forum

Green sponsor

IA Interior Architects


Become a sponsor

Connect with leaders worldwide and generate excitement for your green building success stories, purpose-driven leadership, and innovative solutions. Together, we will determine your brand's optimal sponsorship or tailor your package to maximize marketing goals, promote your work, and ensure we achieve your highest priorities. Contact to get started.

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Event host


Built Environment Plus

Boston Forum


Boston Forum

Wildleaf Design

Boston Forum


Twin Cities Forum

Strategic partners

Media partners

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